Building Holistic Business Eco System
for Purposeful Transformation

We are a global strategic consulting organization agnostic to country, religion, politics, race and ideologies.

We are committed to dedicate our capabilities to unleash the potential of organizations, people and communities who are in the path of transforming the planet, a virtual home for compassion, harmony and peace, fostering lasting and positive impact in the world for decades to come.
We have been forging meaningful conversation, connections and collaborations with bold leaders backed by highest standards of ethics, business conduct and value system in bringing significant shift that will redefine the future.

The path to meaningful impact

Reikigai Solutions is a global transformative firm guided by a strong set of values. We have partnered with organizations and industry’s greatest minds, in creating a Holistic Business Eco System, to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges.

Our Purpose

Bringing Harmony and Innovation together for a sustainable planet.

Our Mission

To become the world’s leading transformation partner in building Holistic Business Ecosystem.

Our People

Our People are our Brand. A powerful network of individuals who bring our purpose to life laying the foundation of our ecosystem.

Reiki + ikigai = Reikigai

Synergizing the transformative energy principles of Reiki and the profound philosophies of Ikigai in building an incredibly ethical Business Eco System for bringing harmony, peace and sustainability for our planet

Trust and Transparency

Between people, processes and business

Incredibly Ethical

in every decision and commitment

Amalgamation of Harmony and Ingenuity

to achieve ease and synergistic outcome

Diverse and Inclusive

Respecting differences and harnessing the collective strength

Social Transformation Services
Wheel of Life

A Holistic Transformational Eco System nurturing Physical, Emotional, Cultural and Moral Wellness for making a responsible society.