Evangelizing Sustainable Innovation, Catalysing Business Opportunities.

We are a research-driven organization that fosters opportunities for growth through sustainable innovation. We provide clients with insights into the trends, companies, and individuals shaping the future, along with tailored advice and support for leveraging external innovation.

Our knowledge and expertise are delivered globally through our Research, Consulting, and Events services.

As industries shift towards a more digital, low-carbon, and resource-efficient future, we offer support at every stage, from strategy development to final transactions. Our services equip corporate innovators, investors, governments, and ecosystem stakeholders with the tools they need to succeed in this rapidly evolving and uncertain future.
Embedded Cleantech Consulting

Developing strategies and embracing innovation to drive growth in a future that is decarbonized, digitalized, and resource-efficient. We’ll assist you in setting priorities and identifying where and how to find the right partners and investment opportunities to advance your business.

Our consulting team and industry analysts, along with our unique insights, analytical tools, and worldwide connections, can support you in seizing opportunities for external innovation, assessing risks, and expanding your business.

Cleantech Intelligence Digital Solutions

We help organizations revolutionizing the field by leveraging advanced technologies like IoT, AI, and blockchain. We enable real-time monitoring and optimization of renewable energy sources, waste management, and resource efficiency. The focus is on creating sustainable, smart cities with reduced carbon footprints and enhanced energy security. Cutting-edge analytics and predictive maintenance to improve system reliability and drive down costs, making green technology more accessible and scalable. We help our communities realize the benefits of clean energy through open, intelligent software platforms combined with our customized engineering services.

Cleantech Enterprise Suite

A versatile suite of applications for the real-time monitoring and optimization of energy usage, advanced analytics for predicting and reducing environmental impact, seamless integration of renewable energy sources, automation of compliance and reporting processes, and enhanced asset lifecycle management. These solutions drive operational efficiency, cost savings, and sustainability, enabling businesses to meet regulatory requirements, reduce carbon footprint, and capitalize on the growing demand for clean technologies.

Cleantech Sustainability 360D

Our Cleantech Sustainability 360D offering provides an all-encompassing approach to sustainability, focusing on delivering comprehensive solutions across the entire spectrum of clean technology by integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors. Its USP lies in providing a comprehensive approach to sustainability, optimizing resource use, reducing emissions, and ensuring social responsibility. This offering helps businesses achieve their sustainability goals, enhance their reputation, and stay ahead in a market increasingly demanding transparency and accountability in environmental and social performance.

How we transform

We leverage our cutting edge technology expertise to drive eco-friendly practices, optimizing resource use, reducing emissions, and promoting circular economy principles, thereby ensuring environmental, economic, and social sustainability for future generations.

Energy Optimization: Leveraging AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze energy consumption patterns and optimize usage, leading to reduced costs and lower carbon emissions.
Sustainability Analytics: Providing data analytics tools to measure and track environmental impact, helping companies identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions for sustainability.
Smart Grid Management: Utilizing IoT devices and sensors to monitor and control energy distribution in real-time, improving grid reliability and integrating renewable energy sources effectively.
Resource Management: Offering platforms for efficient management of water, waste, and other resources, using digital technologies to minimize waste and promote circular economy practices.
Carbon Footprint Tracking: Providing software solutions for tracking and reporting carbon emissions, assisting companies in achieving their carbon reduction targets and complying with regulations.
Cleantech Innovation: Supporting the development of new clean technologies through digital platforms that facilitate collaboration, research, and access to funding, accelerating innovation in the cleantech sector.