Mining, Minerals & Metals

We are committed to standing as a beacon of pioneering a new era in Traceable supply chain management, Sustainability Intelligence, Data Standardization, SDG Indexing, and Global Marketplaces for Mining, Metals, Minerals, CleanTech and Chemicals Industries.

To lead the transformation in the supply chain industry by leveraging cutting-edge technology fostering traceability, and transparency to operate more sustainably and ethically, making a significant contribution towards a more accountable and environmentally conscious global industry

To establish an innovative global marketplace ecosystem, enhanced by domain-specific consultation from subject matter experts (SMEs), to expertly balance demand with supply. We aim to revolutionize how businesses connect, communicate, and transact, providing a platform where insights from industry leaders drive efficiency and alignment in the global market.
Embedded MMM Consulting

End to End handholding of consulting services by highly skilled domain experts and SMEs right from Product Cataloguing, Vendor Directory, Procurement, Global Standards, Quality, Legal and compliance, and Data Intelligence, helping our Mining partners to streamline their business and also to realize meaningful growth transformations.

MMM Global Supply Chain

Leveraging the wisdom of our Global Supply Management, we help our Mining partners with versatile supply chain adoptions integrating advanced technologies for efficiency and transparency, emphasizing ethical sourcing, sustainable practices, and robust logistics to ensure seamless, reliable, and responsible trade across diverse international markets.

RWA Investments(Real World Assets)

Unleashing the Power of Tokenization through blockchain technology to unlock a new era of investment revolution. Our greatest contribution lies in seamlessly connecting Mining projects with potential investors and also in bridging demand forecasting to potential investment opportunities, leveraging our deep expertise in both domain knowledge and financial consultancy.

MMM Sustainability 360D

Embedding sustainability in to the DNA of the Businesses and Building an effective ecosystem for SDG acceleration encompassing the foundational pillars in creating Collaboration and Partnerships, Innovation and Technology breakthrough approaches, Financing and Investments to support SDG-related projects, Policy Support and Governance, Data, and Metrics for measuring progress and ensuring accountability, Capacity Building and Education that raise awareness and knowledge.

Real World Assets Tokenization for Mining and Metals Industry

Beyond traditional real-world asset tokenization, we introduce a groundbreaking approach by integrating mining projects, assets, and chemical ventures with industry-specific standards and compliance. This initiates a new chapter in tokenomics, strategically tackling supply shortages. We’re setting the stage for market leaders to engage in demand-forecast-based production investments, transforming the landscape of project financing

Demand Forecast based Investment Consultation: Our domain experts meticulously grasp the unique needs of potential customers, whether it's sourcing minerals and metals for manufacturing or navigating capital investments. They provide end-to-end guidance in navigating the investments on the right projects aligned with their forecast, investment purposes in maximising the profits.
Fractional asset ownership: Fractional tokens represent shares of the asset offering a flexible and efficient way to manage fractional ownership opens up mining investments to global markets, allowing small scale investors and cross-border participation without the complexities of traditional mining investment structures.
Peer-to-peer asset trading: The ownership of tokenized assets can be transferred directly between asset owners and investors without the involvement of third-party intermediaries, such as governmental entities or financial institutions.
Smart contract-based automation: Smart contracts automatically enforce fixed actions related to tokenized assets upon particular events pre-defined by token issuers. For example, asset ownership is transferred to the investor upon payment for the asset.
End-to-end asset traceability: Asset owners and investors can trace the whole history of activities performed over tokenized assets in a distributed ledger. It helps verify asset origin and provenance and prevent fraud and counterfeiting.
Automated record keeping: All transactions on tokenized assets, including those initiated by smart contracts, are automatically validated, timestamped, cryptographically encrypted, and recorded in the immutable ledger available to asset owners and investors.